How does it Work?

How does it work?
PAIACompliance is a simple to use web form. You fill in all your details and simply select the appropriate categories and subjects from a list.

How do I pay?
Bank EFT or
Cash Deposit

If you choose the EFT option, we will email an invoice to you with our banking details and the contact details for sending proof of payment.

Once we receive proof of payment, the Manual will be delivered to your email address within 12-24 hours.

How big is the Manual?
The Manual comes in a simple format that has several advantages:

  • The file is a small one and transmits quickly
  • The file can be attached to any email message
  • The file cannot be tampered with
  • The file can immediately be uploaded in that format onto your website
  • The file prints beautifully and is available every time you need to provide any a copy of the Manual

PAIACompliance will also send a copy of the Manual to the Commission for Human Rights. This fulfills your obligation to file a copy with the Commission as required in the Act. You will receive a copy of the email to the Commission.

Why use PAIACompliance?

  • Create a PAIA manual in just a few minutes
  • Get an email a copy of your manual
  • Your Section 51 Manual will be automatically submitted to the SAHRC
  • You can sleep easy!