How to Order

Step 1:

Register your new account with us. This process will let us know what your contact details are and to which email address we need to send your PAIA document. You will automatically receive your account details and then be taken to the screen to start your Manual creation process.

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Step 2:

Ordering your PAIA manual. Once you are logged in you will automatically be taken to the form to fill in your details that will go on your document.

Please fill in all the required information. This should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Please make sure information is accurate, because this is the information that will be transferred into your Manual.

Step 3:

Providing your billing information. Next you will need to provide us with your billing information. Payment can be done by Bank Transfer (EFT or Cash Deposit).

Step 4:

Completed. You have now completed everything. Once the payment is confirmed, we will do all the hard work to get your PAIA document ready and send it off to you.